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Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

Brewer High School
Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Policy and Procedures
Updated July 2022

What is a VOE and why do I need one?

In order to obtain a learner’s license or license to operate a motor vehicle, the Texas Department of Public Safety requires those under the age of 18 who have not obtained a high school diploma to provide documentation of enrollment and attendance status. A Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form is used for this purpose.
(See Texas Transportation Code §521.204) 

How do I get a VOE?

VOE forms will not be issued on demand. While requests will be handled on a rolling basis, be prepared to wait up to three business days for processing.
You can request a VOE by (1) filling out the request form located in the F100 office or (2) by emailing Joshua Ferguson, [email protected].   Emails must include the student’s full name and school ID number.
The student must (1) be currently enrolled at BHS and
(2) a. have earned credit for all courses the previous semester at BHS, or
b. maintained 90% or better attendance in all courses for the previous semester at BHS.

Alternative ways to qualify:
  •  If these two conditions have not been met, available attendance and credit information from the most previous school may be considered along with attendance data available for time enrolled at BHS. If at least 80 days of 90% attendance can be established, a VOE will be issued. 
  • In the absence of sufficient enrollment and attendance data, a VOE will not be issued. However, a personal attendance contract may be developed in unusual circumstances to establish criteria for receiving a VOE.

If you meet established criteria your VOE will be available for pickup from the front office within three business days.

BHS VOE Contact:
Joshua Ferguson, Assistant Principal 
School 817-367-4150