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Brewer High School Student Clubs

If you have any questions about the club or how to join, visit or email the club sponsor.
If you don't see a club you like, get some friends and come up with an idea and let us know.
Can't wait to see you all involved on campus!
Anime Club
Sponsor:  Mr. Ferrell ([email protected]) Room# B218
Club Description:
The BHS Anime Club is open to all who love Anime. We watch movies, Anime series and talk about the latest Manga. It is all things Anime. We welcome all to the BHS Anime Club, hope to see you there.
Art Club
Sponsor:  Ms. Bandy ([email protected]) Room# M101
Club Description:
The purpose of the art club is to provide students who have an interest in art with an opportunity to explore art with a likeminded community of artist from all grade and ability levels on the campus. Any student enrolled in art and with a passion for art can join and have more art experiences outside the classroom. The art club does community and civic projects like murals and beautification projects. We take an annual field trip tour of the museums, and we help host art related events on the campus.
Find us on Instagram @brewerartclub
A/V Club
Club Sponsor: Mr. Yates ([email protected]) Room# F201
Club Description:
Students on the BHS Sports Media Team will hold leadership roles, produce new/updated sponsor commercials, and operate a variety of production equipment for any Brewer home game housed at the Brewer Stadium.
If you are interested in joining the production team, see Mr. Yates in F-201.
Blue Crew
Club Sponsors: Ms. Hudson ([email protected]) Room# B218
Ms. Garza ([email protected]) Room# B322
Ms. Belisle ([email protected]) Room# B305 
Club Description:
Embracing the spirit and traditions of Brewer High School and empowering all Brewer Bears to excel in their areas of interest. 
Brewer Book Bunch
Club Sponsor:  Miss Banat ([email protected]) Room# B120
Club Description:
In Book Bunch, we read student-selected novels and have student-led discussions about literature. We meet every Tuesday during Flex Time in the library. All are welcome!
Chess Club
Sponsor:  Mr. Ferrell ([email protected]) Room# B218
Club Description:
Computer Club
Sponsor: Mr. Ferguson ([email protected]) Room# F218
Club Description:
Criminal Justice Club
Club Sponsor: Ms. Johnson ([email protected]) Room# F311
Club Description:
The student-led club is open to any Brewer high school student interested in pursuing occupations in the criminal justice field as a career, or with a general interest in criminal justice. The club offers hands-on opportunities to learn, discuss current events, competitions with other schools in the state, and network with guest speakers who work in the criminal justice field. Giving back and volunteering in the community also is a central theme of the club.
CLICK HERE to fill in an interest form. 
Culinary Club
Sponsor: Chef McPherson([email protected]) Room# C114
Club Description:
The culinary club involves competing in ProStart competitions if you are involved in the class. It involves learning real world culinary and restaurant management skills. 
Dream Team
Sponsor: Ms. Frost ([email protected]) Library
Club Description:
Dream Team is a club for community service and volunteering.  There are a multitude of projects and activities in which members can participate.  
Engineering Club
Club Sponsor: Mr. Bowers ([email protected]) Rm# F315
Club Description:
At the C.F. Brewer High School Engineering Club, a club of the highest order, we uphold the standards of competition, education, and gracious professionalism while furthering the causes of science, technology, engineering, and math through through participation in multiple national competitions. We strive to not only be the best, but to expand our knowledge in these fields and support one another with an impactful learning experience, creating an intelligent future generation of innovators in STEM. Our vast field of interest ranges from aerospace and mechanics, to robotics and coding.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Club Sponsor: Coach Howard ([email protected]) Room# B311
Club Description:
Our Mission:
To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.
Our Vision:
To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.
Our Values:
Our relationships will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and his Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence. 
Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)
Club Sponsors: Chef McPherson ([email protected]) Room# C114
Chef Blevins ([email protected]) Room# C113
Chef Gardner ([email protected]) Room# C
Club Description:
FCCLA is the only career and technical student organization with the family as the central focus. Participation in state and national programs and chapter activities help members become strong leaders in family, careers and communities. FCCLA is emphasized in the classroom by Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education. 

For more information, please see our website:
Future Farmers of America (FFA)
Club Sponsors:  Ms. Vanderslice ([email protected]) Room# F325 
Ms. Steebbock ([email protected]) Room# F331
Mr. Peterson ([email protected]) Room# F323
Ms. Fulp ([email protected]
Find out more at and like Brewer FFA on Facebook
Club Description:

FFA motto: 

Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.


FFA Vision:

Students whose lives are impacted by FFA and agricultural education will. achieve academic and personal growth, strengthen American agriculture and provide. leadership to build healthy local communities, a strong nation and sustainable world.

Fishing Club
Club Sponsor: Mr. Keeble, Room# A211
Gaming Club
Club Sponsor: Dr. Tutt ([email protected]) Room# A212
Club Description:
Gaming Club is for kids who enjoy games of all sorts -- card games, board games, video games, RPGs. Come learn a new game, play an old favorite, or just hang out with friends!
HOPE Squad
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Sweeney ([email protected]) Counseling Office
Club Description:
Hope Squad is a school-based peer support program that empowers students to take action to prevent suicide. Members are nominated by classmates as trustworthy peers, and serve as the eyes and ears of the school to report to adults any student who seems to be struggling. They help organize and work school events throughout the year to help build the climate and culture at BHS.
Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)
Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Galloway ([email protected]) Room# F305
Club Description:
Health Occupation Students of America, or HOSA, is a powerful curricular program of student lead activities designed to develop future leaders for the healthcare system. 
National Honor Society
Club Sponsors: Ms. Eichenberger ([email protected]) Room#B320
Mr. Cox ([email protected]) Room# B311
Club Description:
National Honor Society recognizes students for their academic achievements, leadership, service and outstanding character.  We engage in various service projects throughout the year.
Peer Assisted Leadership (PAL)
Club Sponsor: Ms. Belisle ([email protected]) Room# B305
Club Description:
Peer Assistance and Leadership, or PALs, is a program for juniors and seniors who wish to mentor younger students in our district. The PALs students foster relationships with their Little PAL throughout the year, by visiting weekly at their campus. They also become actively involved in the community by volunteering at a variety of events and programs offered in and around our district.
Photography and Graphic Design Club
Club Sponsor: Mr. Gavrel ([email protected]) Room# F205
Club Description:
BHS Photography & Graphic Design Club helps BHS students better learn and understand more about the Photography & Graphic Design career/industry field. We engage in various local, state and national level projects and competitions throughout the year. Lastly, we coordinate different fundraising opportunities, as well as community service/volunteer group activities and events.
Club Sponsors: Ms. Flood ([email protected]) Room# F105 - Cosmetology
Ms. Thompson ([email protected]) Room# F107 - Cosmetology
Mr. Gavrel ([email protected]) Room# F205 - Graphic Design/Photography
Mr. Tanner ([email protected]) Room# F203/Woodshop - Construction
Mr. Yates ([email protected]) Room# F201- Art/AV
Club Description:
SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. We help each student excel. A nonprofit national education association, SkillsUSA serves middle-school, high-school and college/postsecondary students preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service (including health) occupations.
SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. SkillsUSA improves the quality of our nation’s future skilled workforce through the development of Framework skills that include personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics.
SkillsUSA produces the most highly skilled workforce in the world, providing every member the opportunity for career success
To learn more check out the SkillsUSA website
Special Olympics
Sponsor: Coach Seals ([email protected]) Rm# A118
Club Description:
The White Settlement Jets Special Olympics team participates in bowling, basketball, in addition to track and field throughout the school year. We strongly believe in the athlete oath, "Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."
Student Council (StuCo)
Club Sponsors: Ms. Hudson ([email protected]) Room# B218
Ms. Garza ([email protected]) Room# B322
Club Description:
Student Council is an extracurricular activity that allows students the chance to become leaders, practice the democratic process, and serve our local community. The student body needs your voice to represent them.
Throughout the school year StuCo is also responsible for implementing various school projects that include improving school spirit and culture, promoting awareness for drugs, alcohol, safety, and health, creating opportunities for community service, finding ways BHS can become more environmentally friendly, and much more.
Joining Student Council is a great way to make new friends, develop as a leader, and to help make positive changes for our community.
Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE)
Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Howard ([email protected]) Room#F231
Club Description:
The Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) is a competitive, co-curricular CTSO that allows young men and women an opportunity to explore the teaching profession. TAFE provides Texas students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about pursuing careers in education. All BHS students interested in pursuing a career as a K-12 teacher, coach, counselor, or administrator are encouraged to join!
Think Big... Bears Do!
In our house, we foster relationships and prepare all students to be successful members of society.
To be the premier high school in Tarrant County.