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Semester Exam Exemptions


The following is an important message from Brewer High School:

We are making a CHANGE to our exemption policy this semester due to the large number of absences related to the flu this season.  We WILL count medical absences this semester and will increase the number of absences to 7.


Final exam exemptions will be granted each semester to eligible students for one of the following reasons:

·       A student with an overall average of 85 or higher and three or less absences (excluding co-curricular, extra-curricular, and college visit absences) for the semester may exempt the semester final exam in that course. The semester average will be entered for the final exam grade.

·      Students who are eligible for exemptions may choose to take the final in an attempt to earn a higher grade. The higher of the two semester exam grades will be recorded.

Any absence, unless the ones listed above, affect a student’s exemption.  Extenuating circumstances can be approved for an exemption with an administrator’s approval.
Semester exams CANNOT be given early.  If a student is absent, they will be given a 0 for the exam and will be expected to make the exam up within the first 5 days of Summer Break. 
If a student is exempt, they are still required to attend the exam. If a student chooses not to attend the exam, the exemption will be revoked and a zero will be entered for the semester exam grade.  The student can take a make-up exam within the first 5 days of Summer Break.